IPv6 with Zen internet and Ubiquiti

Having recently moved over to a Ubiquiti UDM for my home router I wanted to get my IPv6 connection back and working. Searching for advice on how to do this there were quite a few articles describing the trials and tribulations involved in getting things working. It turns out that with the latest firmware release getting IPv6 working is really very easy. Unfortunately nothing in the management UI actually lets you know it’s working. So even if you have it configured correctly you’ll only be able to tell by checking if you can reach things via IPv6.

So to help anyone else who was in my position here are the really very simple instructions for configuring IPv6 on a UDM running firmware 1.8.3 with Zen Internet.

Step 1:
Under WAN settings IPv6.
Set Connection type to “Using DHCPv6”, set the “Prefix Delegation size” to match the “PD Prefix” given to you by Zen.
Prefix delegation size 48

Step 2:
Under LAN settings.
Set “IPv6 Interface type” to “Prefix Delegation” and leave everything else at the default values.
Accept the defaults

Step 3.
Restart the UDM, sit back and wait – before too long you’ll have a working IPv6 connection.

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